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67th Annual AAEP Convention

67th Annual AAEP Convention
Nashville, Tennessee
December 4-8, 2020

Looking forward to next year's new opportunities and new products to share with some of the best veterinarians around the world. Our silver infused horseRAP bandages continue to help heal horses of all kinds. Simplifying the care process of veterinarians and horse owners is always our goal.

66th Annual AAEP Convention

66th Annual AAEP Convention
December 2020

Adapting to changing times, SolEquine is once again supporting the veterinarians with the best wound wraps in equine health out there. Our silver infused bandages are unique and are simple to use.

65th Annual AAEP Convention

65th Annual AAEP Convention
Denver, Colorado
December 7-11, 2020

Continuing to be innovators in the equine wound care industry, SolEquine strives to help veterinarians and horse owners make the bandaging process easier and healthier with our line of silver infused wound wraps.

64th Annual AAEP Convention

64th Annual AAEP Convention
San Francisco, California
December 1-5, 2018

SolEquineâ„¢ will continiue our momentum of sharing our new and innovative products in equine wound care. Our line of silver infused bandages are made to help veterinarians and technicians in the hospitals and clinics, as well as the horse owners at home give the best care possible.

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