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Cold Therapy Wraps
Provide cold therapy after an exercise session. The horseRAPs™ are designed to minimize discomfort and feature a special pocket to hold the duoPAKs® in place for equine pain relief and injury prevention.

Universal Wound Care Wraps
Designed for post-operative/post-injury equine care. They also feature a special pocket in between the layers of fabric to hold our kooPAK™ cold therapy pack for pain relief. We specially designed multiple sizes that are based off of the circumference (in inches) of the needed area to provide optimum care.

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If your horse just had surgery and you're looking for a cold therapy treatment that isn't as extreme as frozen gels or ice, the duoPAK® is what you need! It is made from a patented powder material that provides regulated cold therapy over a period of an hour without damaging the skin

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We offer a variety of name brand equine medical products and supplies to better assist you when providing equine care.

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Comfort Gel Packs

These flexible, non-toxic gel packs gel packs are great for maximum cooling temperatures. They are quick and easy to use and can easily slide into our horseRAPs™.

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